Montevideo – Uruguay

ICCP2024 Montevideo – Uruguay

Naples – Italy

Community Regeneration Bonds and bridges among people and environments SAVE THE DATE 22-24 September 2022

Melbourne – Australia

Fostering and sustaining solidarities Online November 11-13, 2020 ICCP 2020 built on previous conferences and was based in Melbourne and the broader Asia-Pacific region. This location was originally and continues to be home to many Aboriginal communities. The conference sought to celebrate and interrogate the ways solidarities are fostered and sustained within community contexts, across borders and boundaries, digital and non-digital spaces, and through process of knowledge production. Due to COVID restrictions around the world this was the first fully online ICCP Conference # of total participants # of countries Proportion of nationals to foreigners VIII Melbourne 363 25 38% Australia..Read More

Santiago – Chile

The community in motion The central theme of the conference emphasized the exchange and debate on the participation and organizational power of current communities in the generation of spaces for coexistence, solidarity and integration that promote respect for diversity, and change, both in their structure as well as its dynamics and contents. In this framework, the approach to Community Psychology is proposed from an analytical perspective of concepts, practices, techniques, experiences and knowledge related to the extensive field of “the community”, its transformation and the value of its impact on the social coexistence, inclusion and community and social well-being. Conference..Read More

Durban – Sth Africa

Global dialogues on critical knowledges, liberation and community The 6th International Conference on Community Psychology (ICCP2016) was held at the Durban International Convention Centre, South Africa on 27-30 May. This is the first time this conference has been held on the African continent. The conference theme, Global Dialogues on Critical Knowledges, Liberation and Community, encouraged a safe space to critique the assumptions and far-reaching influences underlying the dominant knowledge economy in community psychology, considered to be largely shaped by imperialism, colonialism, neo-colonialism, globalisation, ethnocentricism and racism.   Conference # of total participants # of countries Proportion of nationals to foreigners..Read More

Fortaleza – Brasil

Community Psychology in the current world: challenges, limits and practices. It aimed to create spaces for questioning and reflection on the paths of Community Psychology in recent years. Knowing that the global, social, economic, environmental and politics transformations have deeply affected its theorizing and praxis, the conference had the main purpose of analyzing the Community Psychology in the current world today from its limits, challenges and practices.   Conference # of total participants # of countries Proportion of nationals to foreigners V Fortaleza 946 24 81% Brasil 19% from other countries   Fortaleza 2014 photos

Barcelona – Spain

Rethinking Community Action in the new century 21-23 June, 2012 The IV international conference of community psychology is organised by the university of Barcelona in collaboration with the autonomous university of Barcelona. It continued the undertaking of previous international conferences of forging shared agendas and effective answers to the social problems and aspirations there’s a new century from an approach that fosters human development by means of social participation and synergic action that, by transcending diversity and plurality of positions, allows corporation for facing existing challenges. Conference # of total participants # of countries Proportion of nationals to foreigners IV Barcelona..Read More

Puebla – Mexico

Community Approaches to Contemporary Social Problems June 3 – 5, 2010 Puebla, Mexico The Third Conference celebrated in June 2010 at Universidad Iberoamericana in Puebla, Mexico, focused on “Community Approaches to Contemporary Social Problems”. It addressed the scientific and professional status of Community Psychology as an international endeavor from the perspective of the historical and sociocultural context of present day social concerns and as a multidisciplinary “linking science” able to afford an original and needed contribution to deal with them.   Conference # of total participants # of countries Proportion of nationals to foreigners III Puebla 695 34 37% Mexico..Read More

Lisbon – Portugal

Building participative, empowering & diverse communities Visioning Community Psychology in a worldwide perspective Lisboa, 4-6 June, 2008 The II International Conference on Community Psychology in 2008 has had as main aim to contribute towards the advancement of an international movement inspired in the principles and values of community psychology. The presence of delegates from 36 different countries and the support of international organizations such as SCRA (Society for the Community Research and Action), ECPA (European Community Psychology Association), and the Community Psychology Colleges of the Iberoamerican and Australian Psychology Association, was for us an honor, and also we have had representatives from national associations from New Zealand,..Read More

San Juan – Puerto Rico

First International Conference Community Psychology: Shared Agendas in Diversity From June 8 to 10, 2006, the First International Conference was held of Community Psychology: Shared Agendas in Diversity, whose headquarters was the University of Puerto Rico, R o Piedras Campus in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Representatives from more than thirty countries of the world.  “This conference, which underwent almost three years of planning, utilized hundreds of volunteers, and in which almost 200 people participated, represented a struggle against institutional mills, bureaucracy, and colonialism. We will never forget the powerful image that was engraved in the minds of those of us..Read More