Community Psychology in the

current world: challenges, limits

and practices

The 5th International Conference of Community Psychology (CIPC) was held in September 2014 in Fortaleza, Brasil.

The conference created spaces for questioning and reflection on the paths of Community Psychology and the ways in which the global, social, economic, environmental and politics transformations have deeply affected its theorizing and praxis. The conference had the main purpose of analyzing the Community Psychology in the current world today from its limits, challenges and practices. Specifically the conference sought to:

  • Strengthen the field of Community Psychology internationally as a science and profession committed to the social reality transformation.
  • Strengthen the practice of Community Psychology in Latin America from the problems and the potential of the social reality.
  • Promote the exchange of strategies developed in the researches, Community Psychology researchers and projects at different Universities, Universities Centers, Civil Society and State.
  • Integrate the countries realities from the social, political, economic and cultural areas.
  • Influence the scientific community, governments and social movements on the need to motivate the social community exchange from the solidarity, tolerance and commitment attitudes liberating.
  • Promoting dialogue between academy, social movements, NGOs, Humans Rights Groups, the Church Movements, social and public policy.
  • Build the home of Fortaleza with principles, guidelines and strategies for the actions of Community Psychology for the next two years.

(source: Resúmenes de la 5a Conferencia Internacional de Psicologia Comunitaira/Abstracts of the 5th International Conference of Community Psychology)