"When we decided to hold the First International Conference of Community Psychology, there were many people who joined the effort and affirmed the importance of this venture"

Shared Agendas in Diversity

From 8 to 10 June 2006, the First International Conference was held of Community Psychology: Shared Agendas in Diversity , whose headquarters was the University of Puerto Rico, Río Piedras Campus in San Juan, Puerto Rico. The theme chosen for this first conference, “Shared Agendas in Diversity” illustrates the Organizing Committee’s wish to create a conference space where it could be shared, within the framework of that social and cultural diversity, those agendas that strengthen the theoretical and practical work carried out daily for the benefit of communities.

The topics that were addressed were: 1. History of Community Psychology, motivating factors and development; 2. Paradigms, theoretical frameworks and concepts; 3. The practice of Community Psychology around the world; 4. Interdisciplinary Contributions of Community Psychology: Theory and Practice; 5. Contributions of Community Psychology to a Global World, and 6. Research from Community Psychology: Contributions and innovations.

The formats for the presentations were, Poster, Thematic Panel, Symposium International, Innovative Session, Visual Exhibition, Round Table, Thematic Presentations, Master Conference and Central Symposium.

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